I’m one of those people who get excited over little things, trivial things that don’t even matter to others. And something that has never failed to amaze me since I was just a kid are sunsets. They come and go everyday but I can never get tired of watching the sun set. Because everyday, it’s different. It’s never the same shades of orange and pink filling the sky, some days it’s tangerine and some days it’s a light purple. Some days it’s golden, causing everything around to seem like it’s glowing along with the fiery orb that is the sun. The sky loves to surprise us.

Sunsets are messy, with all the different colours coming together – reds and yellows and blues – but I guess that’s what makes it beautiful. The huge mess of colours in the sky. Maybe I love it so much because it reminds me of the huge mess I am.

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You would expect your youth to be many things. Filled with tons of experiences that you know you’d never be able to forget for a lifetime. Skipping school and going to parties, meeting the most incredible people and having the most amazing nights. You want to live your life to the fullest and feel your blood racing and the adrenaline pumping through your veins every time you try something new. You want to be courageous enough to do the things that scare you because you know you want to die with memories, not just dreams that you never pursued.

But instead, you’re stuck in a routine. You’re stuck in a rut and you can’t get out because you don’t know how to. You wake up every morning and drag yourself out of bed just to stare at your reflection in the bathroom mirror, watching your gloomy eyes and tired Continue reading “Routineย “

3 things I loved about Hong Kongย 

Two weeks ago, I went on a short holiday to Hong Kong before the start of another hectic school term. I’ve been wanting to write this post ever since I came back but I never really got around to doing it because of being overburdened with all my school work. I have a pile of homework waiting for me right now, at this very moment, but I’m going to leave that aside for a while and do this instead.

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The scary thing about trustย 

Trust is a difficult concept. Trusting is hard, but knowing who to trust is even harder. Sometimes I wish everyone was as loyal as they appear to be, so that there was no such thing as betrayal and backstabbing. But I guess without all of that, there would be no drama, no enemies, no grudges, and life would just be plain boring.

And how exactly do we decide whom to trust? Personally, I think time is an overrated factor when it comes to trust. You don’t necessarily have to know someone for a really long time in order for you to trust them. Sometimes having just one conversation with somebody can make you feel like telling them your deepest secrets. And sometimes you may have been friends with someone for years, yet you still don’t feel the connection that makes you want to trust them. Continue reading “The scary thing about trustย “

The Reasonย 

This is about trying new things, getting out of ruts – a platform where I can share experiences and laughs, or just a place where I can rant or cry after having a bad day. I wouldn’t consider myself to be an exceptional writer, but I’ve always loved writing ever since I started writing compositions for assignments in primary school. I still remember how in the question there would be four boxes – three of them would contain picture cartoons leading up to an incident and the last box would be a question mark. We were supposed to decide what happened in the last box and then write a story about it. Usually most kids would make their compositions straightforward but I would always find a way to make it weird and twisted. Sometimes that earned me extra marks for creativity but some teachers didn’t like my unrealistic stories and I would end up with just a borderline pass. Continue reading “The Reasonย “