A proper introductionΒ 

I originally planned to introduce myself in my first post but, well, I didn’t, so here’s your chance to find out more about me.

My name is Neha, which is a pretty popular Sanskrit female name which translates into ‘love’. Yes, my name literally means love. From what I’ve heard, this name is really popular in North India or among North Indian girls , but on the contrary, I’m actually South Indian. I was born in a town in Kerala, which is located in the southwest region of India. Fun fact : my dad was actually not present at the hospital when I was born because he was still in Singapore, and so he only arrived in India a few days later. And this was because I was born earlier than I was expected to. Anyway, I came to Singapore when I was less than 3 months old and I’ve been living here since then. Continue reading “A proper introductionΒ “